'Gordon Ramsay On Cocaine' Is A Harrowing Look Into The Darkest Aspects Of Drug Production

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We're sorry to disappoint, but this article is not about Gordon Ramsay having a major Scarface moment. You will not be seeing the world-renowned chef and notable jackass snorting anything, our apologies. Instead, Ramsay goes behind the scenes to infiltrate the darkest aspects of the illegal drug trade, most specifically, what it really looks like to produce one of the world's most dangerous narcotics.

You might be wondering, "WTF is a chef doing exploring the world of cocaine?" Yep, we had the very same thought! Shouldn't Ramsay just stick to making people feel badly about their subpar culinary skills? Well, turns out he's got a very personal connection to the drug. Gordon explained:

"'I've wanted to understand the 'world' of cocaine ever since I lost one of my chefs at my flagship restaurant in Chelsea and I wanted to learn why it's becoming such an epidemic - not just globally but specifically in the culinary world,' Ramsay said."

Below you'll find a clip of Gordon in the middle of the jungle watching the meticulous process of cocaine production unfold. While these locations are commonly referred to as "labs", it's far from the high-tech facilities Walter White used in Breaking Bad...



Pretty alarming stuff, huh? We don't want to call anyone out or pass any judgements, but you might want to think about this video the next time you're looking for a little pick-me-up! The idea of putting cement, sulfuric acid, battery acid and gasoline in your body might just dissuade your "craving".

Gordon is vehemently anti-drug and this documentary is poignant proof of that. He continued with Digital Spy:

"I've never touched a line of cocaine in my life, I was anti-drugs from a very early age, having to watch my brother f*ck his life up."

Hear that, guys? Stay away from drugs — have a nice casual Fall brew and call it a day. No substance is worth messing up your life over.


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