The 'Grand Theft Auto' Vigilante Is All The Reason We Need To Start Playing Again

While Grant Theft Auto will forever be the nightmare of parent's everywhere, we can all singlehandedly agree that it's by far one of the best video games ever created. That statement is especially true of Grand Theft Auto V — which came out just about 4 years ago. Shortly thereafter, the addition of GTA online basically gave the gaming community a huge boner, as the streaming possibilities were quite literally endless.

With absolutely no news of Grand Theft Auto IV circulating the gaming-sphere, it's important for the game developers at Rockstar to keep users happy. Well, keep users happy they did with this kick-ass new vehicle — The Vigilante.

Due to copy right infringement, Rockstar couldn't outright design this bad boy exactly as "The Batmobile", but holy balls, that's what it looks like! As you saw in the video above, you can custom design a ton of key elements to the car — personally we love the all-black look. It's much sleeker/mysterious that way. Move over, Bruce Wayne...you ain't sh*t.

The bad news? The freakin' car costs a whopping $4 million dollars in the game. Geez, we just can't catch a break nowadays with these beautiful, obscenely expensive supercars. Just be happy it's not real money and take what you can get, will you please?

If you're looking to start playing Grand Theft Auto again, now is the perfect time. Rockstar will be giving away $400,000 to anyone who logs in to GTA Online between Monday 6 November and Monday 13 November. Go get 'em boys and remember, running people over in the game for fun makes you a wee-bit of a psychopath.


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