YouTuber Melts Various Metals With Sunlight And It's Oddly Satisfying

Grant Thompson-"The King of Random" describes his YouTube page of almost 8 and a half million followers—" I make videos dedicated to exploring life through all kinds of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects. Imagine a cross between MacGyver, James Bond, and the Myth-busters. A world of Sciencey Guy Stuff! ..where girls can play too. 'Don’t try this at home' is something we hear all the time. The King of Random asks why not? What exactly are the risks?? Then figures out ways to approach these risks safely and in a controlled environment, conducting experiments to verify exactly what happens. There is excitement found in discovering the unknown, and living to tell about it."

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So, when I came across this video of Grant melting various types of metal using only sunlight, I figured, what the heck? Why not see what this dude is all about? Well, not only was it super informative, I found the whole experience oddly satisfying—like pimple popping videos or people organizing things by size and color. Does this mean I have OCD? I think there's a strong possibility. Anyway, you guys should go ahead and take a look. I wonder you'll draw the same conclusions!

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Do you get what I mean, now? Calming, right? On the flipside, it's also pretty terrifying. It makes me regret every single time I've ever stepping in the sun without sunscreen. I'd imagine bare human flesh is far more sensitive than precious metals so, if nothing else, use this video as a reminder that just because it's summer, doesn't mean spending 4567856789 in the sun is a good idea!

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