Great White Shark Nearly Decapitates A Cameraman And This Is Why We Avoid The Ocean

Image via YouTube

The summer might be creeping up on us, meaning there will be a bunch of people heading to the beach in order to take advantage of the warmer weather by going swimming. But, one person who will not be there to soak up the rays in the sand? Me.

Don't get me wrong, I love the laid-back feeling and scenery of the beach—especially the ladies in bikinis—but I do not, nor will I ever, like knowing that there might be something lurking beneath me as I swim in an ocean.

For those who might think I'm just being paranoid, take a peek at this video of a great white shark nearly eating the head of a camerman and ask yourself if this is how you want to spend your summer.


The terrifying footage comes from South Africa, where, off of the coast of the Western Cape, the gigantic beast decided to be a hell of a lot more testy than anyone would ever want a shark to be. Seriously, what in the hell would you do if this happened right in front of you?

Imagine being in open water with not much around you and the most feared fish in the sea is trying to eat you for lunch. Hell, even if you're on the world's safest boat and have some special equipment on to protect yourself from this type of stuff, you'd probably still piss your pants from just seeing the massive jaws of the great white shark.

Luckily, this close encounter was just that, close, and didn't end with anything too bad happening—other than some soiled pants on our part, because this is not something we can deal with, let alone even think about. The good news is that we all get to enjoy the incredible footage, so, I guess that's cool.

Lead Image via YouTube


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