Green Day Brought A Fan Onstage To Rock Out With Them And The Guy Absolutely Shredded

Image via YouTube

I'm over here playing air guitar to some dirty blues in a coffee shop in a back corner, just imagining what it would be like to, you know, actually have the ability to play a real guitar. And while I waste away in my untalented ways, one Green Day fan got the chance to show his chops—while onstage with the band during a recent Chicago gig.


The pink-haired diehard clearly knew what he was doing, as he took over guitar for lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong and blurted out the words to the group's song, "When I Come Around" with so much passion that you'd think he was really in the group.

I'm not saying he should be the next punk rock star, but I'm not saying he shouldn't, either. Such a cool experience.

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