Green Day's New Music Video For 'Troubled Times' Is A Direct Shot At Donald Trump

Image via Instagram

Green Day hasn't hidden its disapproval for President-elect Donald Trump, as the trio even shouted "No Trump, no KKK, no fascist U.S.A" during the live telecast of the American Music Awards.

Showing no signs of letting down their guard on Trump, Green Day takes an even bigger shot at "The Donald" in its latest music video for their song "Troubled Times," putting together a piece that illustrates significant moments in history from both the past and more current times.


The group, which helped revitalize its career in 2004 with the anti-Bush album American Idiot, may be trying to do the same 13 years later, as Green Day is openly making a stand against Donald Trump.

The song comes from their most recent album, Revolution Radio, which was released this past September.


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