Watch Greg Norman Go Harder Than Any Of Y'all At The Gym (P.S. He's 62 Freakin' Years Old)

62-year-old golf legend, Greg Norman is actually superhuman. No, seriously guys, the man is freakin' out of control when it comes to health and fitness. You'd think that after a long, strenuous career that he'd want to retire to somewhere warm, drink tropical cocktails, and hit golf balls into the sunset, but nope! Not Greg Norman. It seems if anything, his routine has gotten even more intense as he gets older.

Norman often posts workout videos to his Instagram account, but he also has his own website that boasts a lot of advice on leading a healthier lifestyle. The video below shows just how fit Norman really is. Not gonna lie, he looks better than dudes half his age.



Let Greg be a reminder that it's never too late to integrate a better fitness routine into your daily life. Sure, everyone loves sitting around and drinking beer doing jack-all about their health, but in truth, you're going to look much older than you really are if you don't make it a point to take care of yourself every now and again.

We say every "now and again" because there's zero chance any of y'all, ourselves included, would be able to keep up with Norman's routine. According to Men's Health, Greg likes to really mix things up and he recognizes just how important exercise really is:

"I keep healthy and fit and strong because it's good for my body and my mind. I kind of have five or six different routines that I do so I don't get bored. If I miss two days of working out because of travel, I can definitely feel a difference in my body. I love doing the ball routine, because it's all about the core and balance. Sometimes, it's not about how much weight you can lift, it's how many repetitions you can do without losing your stability.”

He goes onto describe some of workouts including working out least five times a week for a minimum of 2-hours that includes: 45 minutes of cardio and a combo of free weight exercises, medicine ball moves, pilates, and cable machine workouts. Geez! This man really is a legend.


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