Former Groupies Of Reddit Reveal What Their "Celebrity Experiences" Were Like And It Got Weird Fast

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When it comes to average citizens and their celebrity sexcapades, we don't often get to hear about all the dirty deets unless they're scribbled across the pages of a tell-all novel or as modern times would have it, secretly posted to Snapchat. Fortunately, that's all about to change, as one fine Redditor, Bhighkin posed this hard-hitting question—

"Former groupies of Reddit, what was your experience?"

Oh, I like that! No, I LOVE that! It's story-telling for the sake of entertainment—not as a means of destroying families or driving tabloid sales. Reddit is doing it for the culture! And for that, we thank the kind ladies and gentlemen who were brave enough to semi-anonymously share their tales. Also, as a completely random happenstance, it seems John Mayer catches A LOT of heat in this thread. WTF, John? WTF.

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