Guy Awkwardly Describes How He Broke His Nose "Going Downtown" On His Girlfriend

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We've told you about the strangest sex acts ever performed on people and some of the most common mistakes people make in the bedroom, but there's a guy who posted an embarrassing sexual experience on Reddit recently that should serve as a cautionary tale for any man planning on performing oral sex.

Let's just say that, after what happened, the dude may want to wear a protective mask, because he actually broke nose going down on his lady. Here's his post.

TIFU by going down on my girlfriend (NSFW) from tifu

Posted in the "Today, I F-cked Up" section of the anonymous storytelling site, the guy goes into great detail about what happened, explaining how his former girlfriend had something of a panic attack prior to climaxing, leading her to curl into the fetal position right beforehand.

And, one night after going down on her, the woman's hips seemed to buck upwards, hitting the guy in the nose and causing him to gush blood as if he had been "hit by a freight train."

That's no way to end a sexual experience, if you ask us. However, even that major hiccup didn't end their relationship, as the two are still together. So, yeah, not even an embarrassing moment like this will send you packing, guys, so that's good news.

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