Some Dude Just Became Ther First Person Ever To Beat All 714 NES Games (And It Was No Easy Task)

Image via YouTube

There are impressive feats, and then there's what a man named Piotr Delgado “The Mexican Runner” Kusielczuk did--which, no big deal, happens to be one of the most dedicated things we've ever heard of.

That's because Kusielczuk just became the first person on the planet to beat all 714, old school Nintendo games...and, of course, he documented the shit out of it all.


Spending 3,435 hours, 12 minutes, and 24 seconds of his life to earn the title as the ultimate gamer, "The Mexican Runner" started his journey back in 2014 with a dream and an absured plan, and, three years later, he accomplished his goal by beating Super Mario Bros. 3.

He set a world record in the speedrunning category, which we didn't know was even a thing, but, hell, congrats on the accomplishment.

So, what was the most difficult for Piotr to beat? While some took mere minutes, his toughest challenge was Miracle Piano Teaching System, where he had to teach himself how to play piano, taking a grueling 91 hours to do.

We give you a standing applause, sir, be aside this is just incredible...now go ice your thumbs after all the hard work.


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