Guy Builds An iPhone Using Spare Parts And The Result Is Amazing

Image via YouTube

You know those people who, growing up, always seemed to be handy with the tools, capable of building something out of absolutely nothing and seemingly always walking away with first prize at the Science Fair? Yeah, they just always got under my skin—mainly because I didn't possess such a skill.

Well, I'm under the impression that the dude who started the YouTube channel called "Spare Parts" is one of those guys.

What makes me so confident in my claim? Oh, you know, the fact that he built his very own Apple iPhone using nothing but spare parts from second-hand shops in Shenzhen, China. Seriously, how impressive is this?


According to the video's description, the man literally hustled around to different public cell phone parts markets in Huaqiangbei, figuring out how things worked before "diving in" and taking nine months to start this homemade iPhone journey. The result? A fully functioning, 16GB "like-new (but really refurbished) iPhone 6S" that actually works!

The 23-plus minute video may be a mini movie, but it's interesting to see him weave his way through negotiating with store owners to get the parts, then actually head back to his shop to build the damn thing.

Of course, people will be skeptical of this whole thing—that's the power of editing and people on the Internet these days—but let's consider this to be true for a second. How can you not think these three thoughts:

OK, so I may never be able to do something like this in my lifetime, but knowing that someone out there can is enough to make me really jealous, a little bitter and extremely interested to know what made this guy decide to tackle such a difficult task.


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