Guy Carries His Pizza Boxes Vertically And The Internet Is Losing Their Sh*t Over It

Image via Shutterstock

In all my lifetime, there have been several Internet debates that have caused serious outrage. Remember when people couldn't decide if "the dress" were blue or gold? Or how about the millions of optical illusions that people online struggle with day-after-day?

But, of all of these, I may have never seen more people flip their shit over something as simple as this: a guy who carries his pizza boxes vertically rather than horizontally, which, presumably, causes the entire pie to slide to the side.

Here's the pic people can't stop yelling profanities at.

No! No! No! No! No!

Guy, that's not how we do things around here. Seriously, what in the hell are you thinking with that? He'd be better off just tossing $10 down the crapper than giving it to a pizza company, because those pies are going to taste awful!

As mentioned, I'm not the only one outraged by this guy's unorthodox pizza box carrying method, just look at what people on Twitter have been saying.

Talk about harsh, right? One person even suggested the guy was a damn serial killer!

Anyway, what type of world do we live in when a person thinks that this is OK? It's no OK. It will never be OK. And, if anyone thinks this actually is OK, well, you're probably a serial killer or something.

At least there was one person who came to the poor man's defense, saying that the pizza chain—which is located in Canada, apparently—claiming the pizza is like a cheese brick and that, low and behold, the pie will be OK.

Something tells me his theory wasn't well received, though.


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