Guy Drops $25,000 To Look Like David Beckham And, Um, He May Want A Refund

Image via Instagram/davidbeckham

There are fans and then there are people like 19-year-old Jack Johnson, who adores former soccer star David Beckham so much that he was willing to drop over $25,000 on plastic surgery to look like Becks—and, uh, he might want his money back.

Talking to Daily Star Online, here's what the teen had to say to describe his quest to look like Beckham.

"I have had my teeth done, my lips, Botox and other treatments. I started two years ago and it just built up. I really like David Beckham. He is great. I like his luxury lifestyle. I wanted to look like him since two years ago or so. I have copied his hair and changed that when he has had new haircuts."

"So I must have spent around £20,000 ($25,921) in total. It’s a lot of money."

And while we all laugh at Johnson's results—let's face it, the kid looks nothing like David Beckham—he may have the last laugh, as the unemployed kid is actually raking in more than $19,000 in welfare/taxpayers' money, which has caused quite the uproar.

Said Johnson: "I think lip fillers should be on the NHS. I’ve had arguments about this with people on the internet. I understand there are other things out there on the NHS that are important. I understand for example people who want a baby should have IVF treatment on the NHS but other people need work on their lips."

Uh, the kid might want to work on his priorities and find a financial consultant stat, because dropping cash to not look like Beckham might not be the wisest financial decision.

H/T Daily Star