Guy Who Fakes Having A Girlfriend To Make Another Lady Jealous Sees It Blow Up In His Face

Image via YouTube

No one wants to feel defeated — especially when it comes to dating — but, unfortunately, no matter what the event, no one can win 'em all! Still, people will go to great lengths, right or wrong, to try and protect their own pride from being crushed by another person. Look, we're all guilty of doing it, be honest.

Unfortunately, things can get out of hand — especially when it comes to online dating, relationships and, generally speaking, just flirting with someone else.

Just ask this poor guy, who actually tried to pass as his own "girlfriend" by faking a relationship through text so that another woman would get jealous after she clearly wasn't interested. Now, look, we all probably did this back in middle or high school — and it surely backfired each and every time — so it's no surprise that that's exactly what happened here, as the entire plot blew up in his face.

Turns out that protecting your pride can lead to serious embarrassment, guys, so try to avoid such temptation when a woman gives you the cold shoulder. That said, if you need help with some solid dating questions to help break the ice, well, you know we're always here to lend a hand when we can.

So, go forth, our friends, and make yourself as available to as many people as humanly possible. Just don't try to make up some terrible story beforehand that tries to trick any of those people into thinking you're taken — because, yeah, that's just a terrible strategy to land a date.


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