Guy Finds Out His Wife Was Cheating On Him When Their Baby Turns Out To Be A Different Race

Image via Shutterstock

Cheating sucks. I don't even want to discuss the millions of reasons why, but we all know that, while in a commitment with another person, toying with her/his emotions by fooling around behind their back is just ruthless and selfish.

That said, it does, unfortunately happen. When it does, things often turn sour fast.

Take this incident, when a man found out that his wife was cheating on him—for two years!—with his and his now ex-wife's text exchange describing the situation a little bit.

But, that's not the most shocking part, because, as it turns out, the man the wife was cheating on is both engaged and African American, not Caucasian like he and his partner are, leaving him to roast her on Imgur with this image.

Rightfully upset, the guy tries to just cut things off with the cheater, but she's threatening child support—which he shuts down beautifully, reminding her that, you know, he's not the father.

Sure, the whole letting the pet loose thing is a little childish, but, hell, he had been getting cheated on for two years, so he had to express himself in some way to try and get her back, right?

This is just sad, so, hopefully, none of us have to experience anything even close to something like this.


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