Guy On Tinder Gets Salty, Fires A Cheap Shot To Woman Who Told Him She 'Prefers Tall Guys'

Image via Tech Crunch

Whether you're doing the traditional way of dating or the online version, it's never fun or easy—but, Christ, there are some unwritten rules to abide by, aren't there? If so, this guy didn't follow them, because he just tossed a serious zinger at a girl who he was talking with on Tinder.

After the 5'1" woman told the guy she "preferred tall guys," but was going to "keep an open mind," the man fired back with an ultimate cheap shot.

Well, that's one way of making sure things get called off, don't you think?

I understand that the truth can hurt sometimes, but resorting to such shade should be reserved for sunny days during the summer, not while trying to meet a girl online for a date.

H/T DailyMail