Guy Risks Life By Riding 600 Feet On The Edge Of A Dam, Has Much Bigger Balls Than You Or Me (VIDEO)

Image via YouTube

There are a lot of things I wouldn't even try to do in my life, but riding a bicycle along the edge of one of the highest dam's in the world might be at the top of the list.

That's not the case for a daredevil named Fabio Wibmer, as he took his bike to Koelnbreinsperre in Australia—which stands about 600 feet high—risking his life because, well, I have no idea.


Seriously, as someone who's afraid to stand on a third level balcony at my buddy's house, this isn't something that anyone could pay me enough to do—unless they were secretly an enemy of mine looking for me to fall to my death.

Here's to you, Fabio Wibmer, you are a much braver man than I am.


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