Guy Spends 4.5 Years Building An Amazing Minecraft World And The Results Are So Wicked

Image via YouTube

I don't play Minecraft, but I do know that the fantasy world-building video game is beloved by millions of people around the world, who put incredible detail into an imaginary kingdom that we all wish could be real.

But, for those who play, step aside, because some dude with the Reddit name Dancsa222 is the ultimate pro, spending 4.5 years to build his ultimate fantasy world and, in the process, crushing any hope of you claiming the gold medal for ultimate architect. Look at this thing, which he named "Galekin".


What's truly impressive, so I've been told, is that Dancsa222's construction doesn't just include a bunch of open land or randomly placed buildings, but that said buildings and castles are fully-furnished and lit.

Here are some more pics from his Imgur album.

With a creative mind, patience and persistence, props to this guy for making the ultimate fantasy world.

Lead Image via YouTube