Guys On Reddit Shared Their Crazy Sexual Fantasies And, Uh, People Are Into Some Freaky Sh*t

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As men, we all obviously have some crazy sex fantasies that often float around in our heads—hey, we're all sexual beings who like to have fun, right? Some may involve videotaping a bang sesh, while others might have to do with chocolate, ice cubes and a pitching wedge—no judgement here.

Since the Internet is awesome and gives people a place to express themselves anonymously, someone on Reddit asked the question: Men of reddit, what are your craziest sexual fantasies? Some of the replies are expected, others are hilarious and some, well, some are downright weird AF. Here's what a few guys said.

"I once had a rather curvaceous girlfriend that was into oil wrestling. One day she sent me off on bullshit errands, and when I came back she was standing at the door in my apartment in a bikini, in which she proceeded to douse herself in water based body oil. BEST SEX EVER."

"I'm sort of going through this violence phase right now. Most of the time when I masturbate, I think of having a girlfriend who constantly beats me. When we're in bed she always thinks I've cheated on her one way or another and yells at me and smacks/punches me in the face. I'm repeatedly apologizing over and over again even though I've done nothing wrong, but she isn't having any of it. Ultimately she mounts me (either my face or my dick) and forces sex. And I go with it because I want to calm her down and also I'm scared of her... This fantasy always provides the most intense orgasm!"

"Making a girl laugh at the end of a blowjob so that cum squirts out her nose."

"I want to have sex in a Best Western Plus conference room fitted with a full buffet solely for me and my partner. John William's "Duel of the Fates" would be played throughout the entire hotel and accompanied by a commentary courtesy of David Attenborough."

"Get a BJ from a girl under under my desk while I play video games."

"Missionary, lights off, for the sole purpose of recreation."

"I'm 19, so I've only been sexually active for a few years. Anyways, I always thought that the idea of face-fucking was awesome and something I definitely wanted to try. I was never with the same girl enough times to get to the point of doing anything remotely non-conventional though. Finally, I was seeing a girl for a few months, and we had been having sex regularly every night for about a month, and I decide to go for it. It wasn't nearly as great as I imagined it'd be, and I only kept it up for like a minute. Massive letdown."

"Two chicks at the same time, man."

"I've been thinking about this one for a while, and it's oddly specific but whatever: my numero uno fantasy is to have a three way with a lesbian couple, but these are the details; first of all they're both sexy. One of them is a little more innocent, possibly younger, and has never been with a man or has very limited experience with men, and has convinced her more experienced partner to have a three way so she can try it out. The more experienced one grudgingly accepts, but has long since given up any attraction to men, but as things progress she gets more and more excited, partly by the naked man (because she used to think she was straight and had many years of sexual pleasure in the company of men) and partly by her girlfriend's excitement at the new and taboo experience. They take turns, one showing the other some tricks of the trade so to speak, and the other excitedly feeling her way through a new experience. Part of the fantasy is that they agree it was fun, and want to do it again, but that they re-affirm their gayness for each other and live happily ever after."

"I tend to harbour relatively twisted ideas of what I want to do to women. Mostly having to do with domination. What's great is that in my experience, girls are down as fuck to do this stuff, from breathplay to watersports to her submitting on a deep mental level. Women are amazing."

"Have sex with every woman I know with no strings attached. Every single one is special and interesting in her own way. So yeah, variations."

"Sex on the beach in the middle of the night, BDSM, being grabbed out of nowhere and dragged off by some girl I think is hot, getting pegged."

You can read the full Reddit thread here if you're bored out of your mind at work and looking for some solid ideas to spice up your own sex life—within reason, of course.