Guys, Start Growing Your Beard, Because Women Find Them More Attractive (According To Science)

Image via Instagram/beards_love

As someone who has joked about being able to grow a beard since fourth grade, I feel really sorry for you fellas out there who weren't given the ability to grow whiskers properly—and it's not because your patchy beards looks bad.

According to a new study, men with beards are found to be more attractive to women, meaning that it's totally OK to become, somewhat, of a slob and refuse to shave for a couple weeks—I mean, it's what women want, right?

The study, which was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, says that women who are looking for a relationship actually prefer a guy has a beard, for whatever reason.

8,520 participants were used for analyses, with each randomly assigned to one of three conditions where they rated faces for either sexual attractiveness for a short-term sexual relationship, attractiveness for a long-term sexual relationship or sexual attractiveness without stipulating the length of the relationship.

Participants then rated a total of 16 faces. One face was drawn at random, without replacement, from each of the 16 male models. Thus, the amount of facial hair (clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble or full beard) and the degree of masculinity were randomly measured.

Our findings suggest that beardedness may be attractive when judging long-term relationships as a signal of intrasexual formidability and the potential to provide direct benefits to females. More generally, our results hint at a divergence of signaling function, which may result in a subtle trade-off in women's preferences, for two highly sexually dimorphic androgen-dependent facial traits.

Well, there you have it, guys. If you're looking to get a ladies attention, don't try some smooth talk that will make her roll her eyes or send her a drink from across the bar, just stop shaving for a while and she'll come crawling your way—according to science, anyway.

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