Boyfriends Uncomfortably Show Girlfriends The Last X-Rated Flick They Watched (Video)

Image via Facebook/Cosmo

It's no secret that both men and women watch X-rated movies, with the perception that men do it way more often than women—which, let's face it, is probably right considering we tend to find ourselves streaming the skintastic vids just to waste time.

That said, porn isn't something that many couples often talk about, as it's sort of the one thing that is sacred for each person, with a guy refusing to spill the details on a babysitter fantasy and a woman never, ever talking about the whole two guys, one girl thing that, deep down, is something she wants to try.

Of course, when couples are asked to talk about it, it often gives us some awkward hilarity, with the uncomfortable tension so high between both people that it's almost as if they're watching a raunchy porno next to their parents or something.

Luckily, this wasn't that bad, though.

Still, our friends over at Cosmopolitan magazine were able to get a hold of a few brave souls who actually volunteered for an interesting video, where boyfriends had their girlfriends watch the last porno he watched. Check out the reactions!


First off, let's applaud both the men and women for even agreeing to do something like this—especially on a public forum like a Facebook video—because there's no telling what might have happened once the lady hit the 'Play' button.

Second, how about the hilarious comments from some of the women? Like, the fact that one lady was wondering why her man's porn choice didn't include much of a plot or character development is pretty awesome.

We're not sure if most relationships could handle doing something like this, so, again, kudos on the women refusing to get upset or lay into their men about the type of porn he watches.

Something tells us that things wouldn't have been as tame if any of us did this with our girlfriends.


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