Trick Or Treat? Halloween Costumes Inspire A Good Amount Of Ladies To Cheat

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With Halloween just a couple weeks away — hey, we're sure you've got your Halloween costume ideas on fleek by now — it turns out people shouldn't be scared of the Boogeyman or dumb pranks from friends. That's because, according to a new study from Victoria Milan, a site which helps people seek affairs, those in relationships should fear cheating partners instead of ghosts.

The survey, which asked over 9,300 women users on its site, showed that 66 percent of women are more prone to cheating on Halloween. That's because, shocking, dressing up is quite the aphrodisiac, with ladies getting more turned while doing so. Point blank: Halloween makes people horny, fellas.


As if you didn't already know that, the survey also revealed the most popular "sexy" outfits that men can expect to see ladies dressed up in. Here's what the results showed, based off of the women surveyed:

Is anyone reading this really that shocked by any of those costumes? C'mon, let's face it, if a lady wants to get the attention of a guy, any one of those outfits is going to do get the job done. That said, just make sure the woman wearing it isn't involved with someone, guys — you don't want to be known as instigating the cheating.

According to Sigurd Vedal, Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Halloween costumes seem to be the one time of year when people can let their inner fantasies come out:

"Halloween is the day that allows everyone to express themselves creatively. Those who are sexually charged take it to another level and it becomes an evening of intrigue, mystique and fantasy, generating a more adult version of trick or treat," Mr Vedal said.

So, guys, while there are a ton of dating tips for men out there that can help snag a pretty woman, the info from this Halloween cheating survey might be the most important one out there. No one wants to end up being tricked by a significant other and let that person be someone else's treat, right?!?

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