Latest 'Star Wars' Character Leak Reveals Possible Plot Points For 'Han Solo' Spinoff Project

Image Via Instagram/lupitanyongo

At this time, there has yet to be any official details released regarding the Disney and LucasFilm' Han Solo spin-off. We do know the movie will be under the direction of Ron Howard, but as for the plot? We've got nada, zip, zilch — or do we? The premiere date is set for May 25, 2018, which leaves plenty of time for this potential leak to be dispelled! However, if it's true, fans of the franchise are going to be pretty pumped about it. According to MovieWeb

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"A new rumor has surfaced from a podcast where a Funko representative named Mark was discussing how excited the toy company was about the Han Solo release, touting cast members such as "Emilia Clarke, Lupita Nyong'o, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson." Since Lupita Nyong'o has never been mentioned as part of this Han Solo spin-off, many are wondering if her Star Wars: The Force Awakens character Maz Kanata will actually be part of the story."

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It's entirely possible that Mark misspoke on Lupita's involvement, because again — she has yet to mention anything herself. Regardless, it seems fans are hoping for the best. For those of you unaware of Kanata's importance, here's a little background as per the fandom Star Wars wiki page, Wookiepedia

"Maz Kanata was a Force-sensitive humanoid female who was born over a millennium before the brewing war between the First Order and the Resistance. Living in an ancient castle on the planet Takodana, Kanata gained a reputation as a "pirate queen" by allowing traveling smugglers to reside in her home—as long as they honored her prohibitions against politics and war. Kanata spent centuries traveling the galaxy, collecting antiques and trinkets which she kept inside the storehouses and vaults of her castle. One notable item was the lightsaber crafted by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and later wielded by Skywalker's son, Luke, who was instrumental in toppling the Galactic Empire."

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