Hangover Cures So Effective That Science Says You Need To Try Them

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It doesn't matter if you're boozing for the first time or a wily ol' veteran who has been doing it for years, there's a good chance that you're still going to get a hangover. Since you'll want to try just about everything you can to get rid of it—which involves lots of sleep, but, for some reason, your body won't let that happen—here are some other tricks you might want to try out.

We all have our own go-to hangover method, but, according to MedicalDaily, these are the scientifically-proven ways to getting rid of the throbbing headache and back on your feet.

Pears And Pear Juice

Of all the things you never thought would help prevent a hangover, where was a pear on that list? According to a study from Australia, eating an Asian pear or drinking pear juice prior to a night of drinking could help you never even get a hangover, so stock up on these babies stat!


Thanks to a study from 2009, researchers found that the amino acids found in asparagus are a good source of breaking down alcohol, and, in essence, preventing the toxins from it to stay in your system. Your mind and appetite may be screaming for junk food, but asparagus might be the real way to go.


It's probably the last thing you'll want to even think about doing while lying on the couch in a curled up ball, but studies have shown that exercising is, in fact, a great hangover cure. You don't need to go run a marathon at a 7-minute pace, but the research does support the theory that getting out and sweating for at least 150 minutes in moderation could help your overall health.


With a bunch of magnesium and zinc, ginger has been proven to reduce pain and inflammation in the stomach, meaning you'll be less likely to show all the booze you consumed the night prior. Plus, it contains chromium, which has been shown to prevent chills, fevers and sweating excessively.

Mashed Potatoes

This one might seem strange, but, according to the Medical Daily article, Gastroenterologists claim that eating two spoonfuls of mashed potatoes before getting drunk will help you the next morning. The reasoning actually makes plenty of sense, too—because filling your stomach with fat will help your body digest drinks more slowly, meaning you won't get drunk as fast.

To see the full explanation and analysis, head on over to Medical Daily.

Now, some of these make plenty of sense—like ginger, which has always been everyone's power drink while trying to settle an upset stomach. But, mashed potatoes? What? Looks like those Thanksgiving leftovers will come in handy this weekend.

As for exercising while hungover, well, I've done it before. Sweating out toxins seems like a good idea, but be prepared for your body to shutdown afterwards, because it's going to hate you.

Medical Daily

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