'Happy Gilmore' Recut As A Horror Movie Gets Our Nod As The Scariest Flick Of The Year

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Personally speaking, I can pretty much quote the entire movie Happy Gilmore, which is loaded with classic one-liners like, "I eat pieces of sh-t like you for breakfast," and "Ya jackass!" But, as funny as the flick is in real life, Adam Sandler's crazy golf ball, uh, whacker guy has a deep, dark secret — and we can all just go ahead and thank this recut trailer that portrays it as a horror flick.

Seriously, in 2017 alone, we've had a boatload of scary movies — with many people believing that the It movie was the scariest of them all. We beg to differ, though, because this recut Happy Gilmore trailer has left me thinking about the nightmares that'd definitely come. Check this out.

I don't know about you, but I think this thing is perfect. Think about the plot: A down and out guy who can't hold down a job suddenly realizes he has a skill that no one else has. He uses that skill to break into a superior social class and, boom, the next thing you know, he's slicing and dicing people left and right.

Guys, this is what makes a killer scary movie, and Happy Gilmore might just have the perfect plot for it. Sure, we can say all of the Happy Gilmore quotes around, but imagine if those had a different meaning than the actual movie? Think about Happy as a cold-hearted killer who manipulates and then kills everyone who gets close to him.

I may be too old to go house-to-house and collect candy, but, I'll tell you what, this fake, scary Happy Gilmore trailer is the only treat I need this Halloween — so whoever made this deserves an award.

Lead image via YouTube.

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