Gym-Goers Reveal The Most Difficult Exercises And Greatest Workout Motivators

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No matter what way you slice it, finding the motivation to hit the gym is never easy. Sure, some days it's better than others, but, overall it's safe to say that most people would prefer drinking a beer and hanging with friends to running, lifting, and sweating. According to the American Heart Association, the average adult should be getting in just over two hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week. Of course, that's hardly the case, with a reported less than 52 percent of Americans meeting those guidelines in 2017. Here's hoping for a better year, right?

Fitrated surveyed over 1,000 Americans about their active lifestyles to understand what motivates Americans to work out, and how cheat meals and indulgent foods encourage (or deter) people from exercising. The results, we must say, are very relatable and if nothing else makes us realize we're not alone in this crazy health and fitness journey.

Toughest Workouts

Incentives To Workout

OK, can we just say that this is the most accurate survey in the history of surveys? The fact that 52% of people said that pizza is their greatest heath and fitness motivator is possibly the best thing we've ever read and will ever hope to read in 2018 and beyond. Pizza for life, guys, remember that!

To read the full study, head over to Fitrated.

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