Has Samsung Finally Given Us A Release Date For The Galaxy S8?

We knew back in January that the Samsung Galaxy 8's release was set for some time this year, and the anticipation has continued to grow ever since.

As new leaked pictures have surfaced—coupled with a confirmation release date of March 29th—Samsung customers should start getting pretty pumped.

Will it be better than the always highly anticipated release of the iPhone 8? We're still not sure, but the photos look pretty legit.

The photo below—courtesy of Slash Leaks—is a side-by-side comparison of the two models that Samsung has confirmed.

The first is a basic 5.7-inch model, which is the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (a total bust, so let's hope this phone isn't doomed). While the other model comes in at a whopping 6.2 inches, appropriately named, "The Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus," sound familiar?

There's still more questions to be answered, but, for now, all you tech and gadget geeks—in the most appropriate sense of the word—have hopefully satiated your thirst for new gear.

The Verge

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