The Creator Of 'Operation' Sold The Design For $500 (It's Now Worth 80,000 Times That)

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Before we break down the history of Hasbro's Operation, take a second to put yourself in John Spinello's shoes — who over five decades ago created the original design. He was just a college student back then, most likely looking to make a couple of bucks when he was offered $500 for his prototype of Operation. To clarify, $500 back in 1964 would be about $4,000 today. We know you guys would like to think that you wouldn't have taken the cash, but, hey! College was a rough time, it was a dog eat dog kind of situation and $4,000 could go a long freakin' way.

That being said — and we apologize, John — it was the biggest mistake of his life! Spinello estimates that Operation is worth somewhere in the ballpark of $40 million today. As stated in the headline that is literally 80,000 times the amount of the initial sale. Man, we can only imagine the deep regret Spinello must feel every damn day. Especially when he got sick back in 2014 and, ironically enough, couldn't afford an operation of his very own.

According to LadBible he ended up raising the cash he needed ($25,000) as a result of fundraising and some help from Hasbro, which, to be fair, they really owed him one — wouldn't you guys agree? If nothing else, let this be a lesson that if you have a kickass, potentially iconic idea — hold the hell onto it! Don't sell until they're offering you so much money that you'd be set for life.

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