This School's Security Footage Shows Haunting Paranormal Activity And Teachers Are Losing Their Sh*t

Image Via New York Post

With Halloween a little over 2 weeks away, it's pretty commonplace for creepy stuff to start happening left and right. Whether it's something as simple as Netflix dropping more scary movies or dark paranormal spirits in haunted schools — 'tis the season to be spooky, y'all. Of course, the latter is far more unsettling, but it happens. Don't believe us? This story from a school in Cork, Ireland might just change your tune.

Before we get to the harrowing details, we've got the chilling footage right here. C'mon, what did you expect?It's 2017...even invisible spirits can't hide from new tech.



It's a real good thing we aren't students at that school, because NOPE — education is important, but not that important. Hell, there's nothing you can't learn on the internet nowadays. If we were really desperate we'd even get a library card! Who needs to attend a haunted school? That's just not good for the soul — literally.

The New York Post spoke with Principal Kevin Barry of Deerpark CBS (the haunted school that should be evacuated, ASAP) to see if he could offer some insight on the haunting:

"Obviously we were alerted to movement in the school and when we went back to review the movement that’s what we saw. It was in the middle of the night. We’re bemused ourselves, we don’t know what it is.”

He continued: “We do feel there is something strange going on because people do get from time to time a real chill in the air when they go past that area. It’s very interesting – one of my teachers brings his pet in with him but the pet never wants to go down that way.”

Uh, sorry to burst your bubble Principle Kev, but that's not interesting*. It's a textbook freakin' ghost-situation. Also, as aside — we don't remember pets being allowed in school. That's pretty dope. Anyway, the school dates all the way back to 1828. That's plenty of opportunity for some dastardly ghost deeds to go down.


IF this footage turns out to be a prank, the students involved shouldn't be punished. They should immediately be granted the ability to skip a grade or two, because that's some serious wizardry right there.

Image Via New York Post

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