Have The US Army Just Built The Most Powerful War Machine Of All Time?

Last week, the US Air Force confirmed that it has developed an electromagnetic pulse weapon, and it’s one of the most impressive machines that we’ve ever seen.

So what the hell is an ‘electromagnetic pulse weapon’ anyway? Good question. Imagine a huge, soaring, war-mongering microwave, and you have a small idea of what it is.

The weapon in question, built by Boeing and named CHAMP, is able to emit multiple powerful microwaves that fry electronics with incredible accuracy.

It has the power to take down entire radar defence systems, and gives the United States a massive advantage over other militaries.

According to CNN, a Boeing representative was able to boast: "We hit every target we wanted to. In the near future, this technology may be used to render an enemy's electronic and data systems useless even before the first troops or aircraft arrive."


Insane, right? Look at those green swirly light beams. That's some straight up Kang & Kodos shit.

But then, modern weaponry is continuously moving deeper and deeper into the realm of fantasy. Here are just some of the totally-real war machines ripped straight out of science fiction...


01  The corner shot

The Corner Shot is exactly what it looks like. Sporting a hinged-frame, this 40mm grenade launcher allows a 60-degree angle, as well as a video screen for sneak-peeking. Never feel safe again.


02  Self guided ammunition

According to CNN, the U.S military are making great progress with the development of a self-steering bullet.

The .50 caliber projectiles are equipped with optical sensors, and will chase down their moving target.

So, you know, that’s pretty terrifying isn’t it?


03  Freeze Rays

Hell yes freeze rays!

By using lasers on high-pressure gas, German scientists were able to lower temperatures by 119 degrees in mere seconds. Blimey.

Whilst they haven’t made a weapon out of such technology as of yet, it’s only a matter of time. Imagine a war that solely consisted of soldiers swapping arnie-esque ice puns? It'd be glorious.

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