"What's Something That Instantly Killed A Crush You Had On Someone?" Women Answered And We Took Notes

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We'd imagine that having a crush on a guy is a really nice feeling for most women. The butterflies, the promises of a new and exciting relationship — what could be better? Oh, we don't know, how about not having the guy absolutely blow it because he's an idiot? Unfortunately, for a lot of ladies that's exactly what ends up happening. Call it DNA, call it stupidity, call it what you want ...most guys have absolutely no idea how to handle a woman who has feelings for them.

That's why when we came across this thread from Reddit user, torkpo, we decided to hand-select the answers from women as a means of warning you guys of what NOT to do on a date/to a woman EVER so long as you live and breathe. No, we're not being dramatic.

"What is something that instantly killed a crush that you had on someone?"

It's Just Dinner, Man

"He got visibly annoyed when I didn't order what he suggested off of a menu."

Goodbye Butterflies

"He was on his phone the entire time we were having dinner. I didn’t feel comfortable asking him to get off of his phone, so I mostly just sat there awkwardly and felt the butterflies leave my stomach."

Sweet Poetry

"I overheard him say, "I can't wait to f-ck her, then I guess I'm done," about the girl he was with at the time."

Call The Authorities

"We were out driving and he swerved the vehicle to deliberately hit a sparrow whilst laughing."

Here Comes The Jackass

"Googling him and finding his Wedding Registry. For that weekend."

Careful Who You Sleep With

"He treated a friend of mine like crap ... after he slept with her."

Baby Momma Drama

"Not wanting to have anything to do with his child because he hates his ex, even though his ex isn't even raising the kid, some random lady is."

Perhaps He Likes 'Em Crazy

"His ex told him she was pregnant to force him to get back together. About a week later he learned that she lied about the pregnancy, but decided to stay with her anyway. Really changed my perspective on him."

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more ways people have shamefully showed their true colors and killed off any chance at love.

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