How Your Pet Attracts (Or Repels) The Opposite Sex, According To This Study

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Whether we choose to admit it or not, we judge the opposite sex for ev-er-y-thing nowadays — the car they drive, the phone they have, their favorite social platform, it's insanity! The mating selection process for 2017 comes with more prerequisites than getting into MIT.

I hate, hate, hate to say this, but even the type of pet someone has comes into play when decided whether you want to, you know, consider them. Don'll you go rolling your eyes! It's true! We've all made a crack about a guy with a small dog or a woman with multiple cats. It's just one of those things.

The folks over at Petsies decided to take those two more mainstream cliches and see if there were any other significant perceptions when it came to men, women, and their pets.

"Participants who were attracted to women didn’t think seeing a cat or kitten in a photo improved their perception of the person featured. In the eight traits examined, cats were the least likely to improve the perception of a woman in six of them (75 percent)."

"Men certainly got an uptick in attractiveness when photographed with puppies but were considered nearly 24 percent sexier when shot with these tiny balls of fluff. No other pet came close to making men seem more delectable."

"Photos of men holding puppies were seen as over 13 percent more attractive, around three times more than small and medium dogs and four times more than cats, kittens, and large dogs. You might be stuck cleaning up after puppies or teaching them to go potty outside, but it could be worth it for all the extra attention your Instagram pictures might get."

"Puppies, on average, earned the highest marks across the board. They’re easy “likes” for Facebook videos and great for making you appear more trustworthy (by almost 10 percent), attractive, and sexy (over 8 percent each). If you decide to get a new dog, he or she won’t stay young forever, so take advantage of the perks of ownership while you can."

Cat, dog, lizard, bird, tiger, I don't care what pet you choose, just please consider adoption — it's the right thing to do!!

To check out the full study, head here.

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