Hawks Big Man Dwight Howard Mocks Fans And Hilariously Boos Himself During Return To Former Team

Image via Vine

Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard has really fallen off from the All-Star player that he used to me. I mean, really, the guy was the No. 1 overall pick out of high school, a bona fide superstar who was on his way to the Hall of Fame. But after forcing his way out of Orlando in 2012 to join the L.A. Lakers, poof, Dwight hasn't been quite the dominant force.

Whether injuries, age, inconsistency, lack of motivation or all four are playing part in Howard's decline, Magic fans don't have much sympathy—and they showed that tonight in his return to Orlando tonight with the Hawks, booing him mercilessly.

Dwight Howard had a little trick up his sleeve, though, because he actually joined the boos, having a little fun with the whole thing.

It's nice to see Howard having some fun with it all—clearly moving on from something that happened five years ago—but it would've been better had he, you know, actually lived up to his own hype after forcing his way off of the Magic.

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