Watch: Nauseating Footage Shows Bus Passenger's Hair Swarming With Lice

Image via YouTube

In the past few months, we've seen a lot of cases of nasty critters invading the human body. From tape worms in bad sushi to a dentist discovering maggots living inside a patient's mouth, it's already been one hell of a year for all things vomit-inducing. That said, this example is a bit more extreme. Not so much because head lice are that uncommon, but because we've all been prey to the perils of public transportation at some point or another. The fact that it could have been us having to deal with such, erm, trying circumstances? Nope. Thanks anyway, we'll walk.

In the video below, posted by several news outlets, including Mirror UK, shows a man casually sitting on the bus, as lice essentially wreak havoc all over his damn head.

Even with a hat, those lice were crawling all over the place. Do y'all know how contagious head lice is? To put it into perspective, if one kid in a classroom has it, chances are half the school has it too — teachers included. Having lice doesn't necessarily mean that you're dirty. In fact, sources suggest head lice don't discriminate based on cleanliness whatsoever. They just want blood, which they need to survive.

However, it's clear that this passenger has no regard for the seriousness of his/her situation. You can argue that this individual wasn't aware they had lice, but, seriously? Do we need to plug the video again. We haven't seen that many bugs in one place since Disney Pixar's Bug's Life. They had to have known! The itchiness alone would have tipped them off. Word of advice? Don't step foot on public transportation if you're walking around with anything contagious, especially when it's parasitic.

Lead Image via YouTube/Jay & Nikki

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