Common Health Myths That Men Still (Stupidly) Believe

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Sure, we used the word "stupidly" in the headline, but, we'd like to clarify that in no way should you be ashamed of yourself for still believing any (or all) of the health myths you might read below. Nowadays there's so much health and fitness mumbo-jumbo on the internet, it's hard to know what's real and what's complete and total garbage — if anything, it's no different than the rest of the mainstream media. Sigh, #FakeNews is still alive and well, guys.

With that, we decided it would be useful to share this survey from MedicareSupplement.com. They showed over 1,000 Americans a list of nearly 50 health myths and facts (all confirmed as such by at least three reputable sources) and asked them to select the statements they believed to be true. The results were pretty, erm, startling. Take a look, and remember, you're not alone, y'all.

Human Health Perceptions

Medical Beliefs

Fitness Fallacies

STD Myths

So, guys, what have we learned here today? Most importantly, we'd like to stress that if your sexual partner is on her period, use freakin' contraception. Again: yes, it's unlikely that she'll get pregnant, but not impossible. Secondly, we're sorry, but your fat is never going to turn into muscle. Lastly, you use all of your brain, every damn day. We know that last bit might be upsetting, but, it's true. Here's hoping 2018 is a year of knowledge, exploration, and #RealNews.

To read the full study, head over to MedicareSupplement.com.

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