10 Ways To Get More Sh*t Done In Your Life (As Told By Model And Entrepreneur Heidi Cortez)

Image via Instagram/krystlelina

We all know there are beautiful women, seemingly, on every single block. But, when you find one who also happens to be sharp and successful and inspiring, well, that's when you know you've caught the ultimate unicorn.

Guys, meet model Heidi Cortez — who is that unicorn!

Heidi, who has modeled and owned a number of her own businesses for years, even writing two books, with the first one, entitled "Bedtime Stories”, rising to Barnes & Noble's Best Sellers list thanks to its booming popularity, is what you call a badass.

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In addition to her book, business and modeling success, Heidi Cortez now works on a project called The Model Adviser, where she coaches both kids and adults through her online program.

With such talent, beauty and brains, we talked with Heidi to reveal 10 ways in which we can get more sh-t done... because, really, we could use a little motivation from a pretty woman.

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All images provided by photographer/model Krystle Lina.

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