Heidi Klum Lights It Up In Latest Video For Her Lingerie Line (And We Really Like It)

We all know that Heidi Klum has been everyone's dream crush for the past two decades, but, even at 43 years old, the German bombshell is still holding it down, proving that she's flawless no matter what her birth certificate might read.

And the latest example of that happened to come from her Instagram the other day, with Heidi rocking some of her very own lingerie to help sell the stuff, strutting around as if she were just a woman all alone in her house, just looking to have a little bit of fun.

Check it out!

See, we told you that Heidi Klum still had it going on—but, c'mon, it's not as if you ever doubted us, did you?

In our personal opinion, if there's anyone who should be modeling lingerie in hopes of selling the stuff, no one would be ahead of Heidi Klum on the list. Not only does she still look so, so sexy, but she's got a little bit of experience, too. Plus, who wants to spend money on some "amateur" who doesn't look half as good as Heidi does? That's just being a smart businessperson, right?

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