Hell Yeah! Women Actually Want Kinkier Sex, Guys

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It may be a general thought that it's men who want to spice things up in the bedroom by doing a bunch of kinky things like spanking and such, but a new survey might actually prove that it's women who are freakier in the bedroom.

That's according to a new study from both Men’s Health and Women’s Health, who teamed up to poll 6,700 American men and women to figure out just what the state of sex is in the year 2017. Their findings? That women really like kinky sh*t, among other valuable info.

  • Nearly twice as many women as men (19 percent versus 11 percent) reported that they want more “light bondage/kink” in the bedroom.

  • One variable that’s adding fuel to the fire? Sex toys. One-third of both men and women said they use toys during sex, and two-thirds agreed that it makes nooky hotter.

  • Unsurprisingly, most men (59%) reported a “high” sex drive, but that women aren’t falling far behind. A majority of women, 52 percent, also rated their sex drive as high – with only 9 percent defining it as low (versus 5 percent for men).

In a day and age where women feel more empowered and confident than ever, the numbers aren't too shocking. However, seeing how close both men and women admitted their sex drive is—along with the aforementioned kinkiness—might make a few guys' eyes get even bigger the next time his lady's giving any hint towards sex.

For those who really want to please your lady—and yourself at the same time—it'd be worth educating yourself on some of the best male sex toys—which we gave you the other day so you can be even more stimulated during intercourse.

Lastly, the Men’s Health and Women’s Health survey discovered that a whopping 71 percent of women were thrilled or satisfied with their sex lives, compared to only 51 percent of men. Want to know the reason? Experts believe porn plays a factor, with the X-rated videos giving guys a false sense of reality when it comes to expectations in the bedroom—which is something we've reported on before.

All this is great info to know, guys, so let's stop fantasizing and comparing ourselves to porn stars' performances and step up our own bedroom game by listening to what ladies want—more kinky sex!

H/T Men's Health and Women's Health

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