David Harbour's Fitness Transformation For His Role In The Upcoming 'Hellboy' Was Actually The Devil's Work

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If the name David Harbour isn't ringing a bell, think a little harder! You're most likely used to seeing him as police chief, Jim Hopper, on the Netflix original series Stranger Things — which comes back super soon and we cannot freakin' wait! That's besides the point though.

Now that you've got the image of Harbour in your head, we assume you aren't exactly picturing him as the hulking, muscular lead role in the new Hellboy reboot. Similar to the original role played by Ron Perlman from Sons Of Anarchy.

Well, you'd be wrong because that's EXACTLY what he is! Take a look...



Pretty outrageous, huh? Considering David's role on ST is that of an alcoholic, cigarette-smoking, Dad-Bod cop, this is a serious health and fitness improvement. To reiterate his point in the clip:

"I wanted to mainly focus on power and strength so when I'm doing these movements and doing this role that you believe it, that this guy, when he hits you, hits you like a truck."

Er, Yep — he definitely has that truck vibe going on, that's for sure. The true realization of his transformation however can only be realized in the side-by-side comparison of Harbour and his character, Hellboy. Take a look, it's badass AF.



As it stands, sources say that Hellboy does not have an official release date. If anything, we're A-OK with that! We've gotta hit the freakin' gym before allowing ourselves to lounge in a movie theater eating popcorn (with something chocolate, ideally).

Image Via Twitter/Hellboy

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