The Derogatory Names Women Hate Being Called By Men Will Make You Rethink Your Words

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It's not uncommon for guys to give ladies nicknames. And while some of these are supposed to be pleasant when dating someone, like "honey" or "love", others carry a negative connotation that come across as straight-up sexist.

In a new study performed as part of Special K’s new ‘Strength Is…’ campaign, 2,000 British were asked to identify the nicknames they most hate hearing come from a man's mouth, with these being the top-5.

Other sexiest terms that were towards the top of the list of words to either ban or go unused were things like "drama queen" and "diva", which, if you're a guy dumb enough to say to a woman, deserve any and all consequences.

You can see the entire results from the study over at The Mirror, which will, hopefully, help men grow up a little bit and refrain from using such derogatory monikers towards women.


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