The Sex Positions Ladies Hate The Most Might Surprise You (From A Survey Of 1,200 Women)

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When it comes to women and what ladies want, it really is a never-ending learning experience for us guys, isn't it? We read things, watch movies, hear what our girls say and we're still not sure about what the hell we're doing right and wrong.

After we published a piece last month about the six sex positions that will have her begging for more, a survey from Men's Health—where they asked 1,200 women—shows what sex positions ladies hate the most, with the results below, per Men's Health:

5. 69

She’s, well, preoccupied. According to our survey results, women say it’s too difficult to focus on receiving pleasure when they have to concentrate on giving it.

4. Missionary

It doesn’t hit the right spots.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

Because it’s hard for her to climax like that—and not everything fits when she’s riding in reverse.

2. Woman on Top

One word: insecurity. According to our survey, a majority of women feel more self-conscious when they’re on top.

1. Doggy Style

Put simply, it’s too painful.

To see the full details and reasoning why ladies find these positions the worst for sex, head over to Men'sHealth.com. For now, though, good luck finding what positions your lady does like, because all of these are the ones I go to more often than not, so I'm shit out of luck now.

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