Here's How Much Adult Film Stars Typically Get Paid

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Not long ago, we gave you the 10 richest porn stars on the planet, with one of our all-time favorites, Jenna Jameson, coming in at No. 1 with a net worth of about $30 million.

While some of these performers have raked in the case for having lots of sex, that's not the case with all adult film stars, who aren't nearly paid what many of us think they might be.

The Independent had the chance to speak with former porn star Derek Hay—who now owns LA Direct Models, which represents some of the top talent in the industry.

According to that piece, Hay offered these pay rates for men and women—which may surprise you.

The pay for adult performers is not set in stone, and usually vastly depends on what they are willing to do. As standard, a female performer in a scene with an male performer could expect to earn around $1,000, a scene with another woman would see them earn around $700-800. The rates could go up or down by 10 to 20 percent depending on who the performer is, their agent and other factors.

"For the right girl, for whatever reason which could vary, to do acts like their first anal scene, first interracial scene, first scene with three, four or five guys, those scenes could pay premium rates. A company’s studios would offer a particular girl a much higher rate to induce her to accept the offer to shoot that kind of scene. That’s always been the case, but in the past few years a number of different studios have put a lot of prominence on those kind of scenes and the rates offered to models to do that have increased markedly."

And what is premium rate? According to Hay, a model could be offered anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 for a first anal sex scene, for example. "I have seen figures higher than that but they are not common," he says.

Of course, that's for female performers, who are often the ones taking the brunt of a porno. So what about male actors? Well, while Derek Hay doesn't give an exact amount, he did have this to say about men's salaries in porn:

In a world where the gender pay gap is pervasive in a plethora of industries, porn is an exception. Hay says it is "universally known that women get paid a lot more" but said successful male actors are paid "what most people would think is a lot" and suggested they have an advantage in being able to work more than women.

Like most things in entertainment, salaries vary depending on the popularity and success of an actor, so Hay says that he doesn't "think that adult stars make as much money as the general public perceives them to make," he was quick to add that "even the biggest stars, who are making more than half a million a year, but if some of the top stars are making $300,000-400,000 per year, by most people’s perception that would still be a lot of money I think."

We suppose getting paid about a quarter of a million dollars to have sex with beautiful women is well worth it.

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