Getting Busy Just Once A Week? That's All You Need To Maintain Happiness (Allegedly)

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Sex is great—and we're not just saying that because we're just a bunch of horny guys who can't control ourselves. Well, that might be part of the reason, but, more so, science has proven that maintaining a healthy sex life is important for both physical and emotional reasons.

And, thanks to a new study that was recently published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, we now know the exact amount of sex necessary to maintain happiness—and it won't make anyone happy.

That's because, according to the author of the study, Amy Muise, who's a sex and romance researcher at the University of Toronto Missuaga, the "ideal" amount of sex per week is just once per week!

We really wish that was a typo.

Talking to the Huffington Post, here's what Muise said:

“In general it is important to maintain a sexual connection with a romantic partner, but it is also important to have realistic expectations for one’s sex life, given that many couples are busy with work and responsibilities,” she told HuffPost. “Our research suggests that engaging in regular sex is associated with happiness, but it is not necessary, on average, for couples to aim to engage in sex as frequently as possible.”


Apparently, the info came from a single, 23-year study with over 25,000 participants, which found that, naturally, the more sex you have, the happier you are. However, that comes with a caveat, because the research also found that, even those who have sex just once a week, are equally as happy.

A survey of 355 participants and a separate one of 2,400 married couples, both found the same.

Are people eating crazy pills?!? Sex, guys, let's do more of it—as long as it's safe—to be the happiest bunch of people we can be.

Look, we're not saying we maintain relationships only because of sex. But, come the hell on, once per week to stay happy? We call a study of these studies to claim them false or just plain ignorance, because we don't want to believe this.


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