Here's How To Build Your Very Own Hoverboard For Under $50 (Warning: Be Careful When Riding It)

Image via YouTube

You know those hoverboards that everyone seems to be riding around on? Yeah, they look a little insane and all, but, be honest, you're a little jealous that you didn't snag one so you don't have to walk up that hill everyday coming home from work—even if they can be a little unsteady.


Fear not, my friends, because a new video is here to show you how to build your very own hoverboard for just $50—although, don't expect to fly through the streets like Marty McFly in *Back to the Future*.


OK, so this is a little bit of a bogus way to get your own hoverboard—and, be careful, because it's probably not the safest either. But for under $50, you might as well have some fun and test it out, just be sure to be extra careful if you're going to try it.

H/T Mashable