Here's How To Hack An NES Classic To Get More Games

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We've talked at length about the NES Classic since its release a couple of months ago, giving you accessories like wireless adaptor for your controller as well as the re-release of some consoles that Best Buy had going on in mid-December. But all of that takes a backseat to what we're about to tell you — because you can hack the gaming system for more game options.

For those lucky enough to score one of these mini NES Classics, you've probably already gone through the 30 titles that are programmed into the system. Well, here's the trick you can use to add even more games.


As The Verge details, because the NES Classic is, basically, a Linux computer running an emulator, simply connecting the console to a computer and uploading the selected software to the device. Think of it as an update you might do every now and again to your existing computer programs like Word or PowerPoint — but much more fun.

This is a game-changer for anyone who has the NES Classic, but, be careful, because if something goes wrong during the hack, your system may erase all the content on the current system, leaving you without any games to play at all.

It's your call, but, personally, seeing as how you were the lucky few to get one of the most-desired consoles ever, we'd just stick with the 30 games it comes with.

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