How To Have A Wild Time In The Bedroom (Even If You're Not Packing Heat Below The Belt)

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As men, we all get hung up (pun intended) on the size, width and length of our penis. No matter how hard we try to fight it, that's just the way every dude thinks! So, it's time to accept what your packing and just make the best of it. Most of us understand and do just that, not being insecure about what we've got going on down there. And for those of you who aren't blessed with being well endowed, don't fret, because a somatic sex therapist named Elizabeth McGrath explains how to still have great sex with your micropenis.

For those of you who aren't too keen on medical jargon, especially involving the male anatomy, a micropenis is generally diagnosed at birth as a result of irregular hormone levels during the third trimester of pregnancy. It is formally defined as an "abnormally small" adult penis — measuring 3 inches or less. Of course, most men aren't comfortable discussing something so sensitive with friends or family, let alone a complete stranger. That's why we hope these tips from Elizabeth McGrath will eliminate some of the shame and stigma associated with having a micropenis. As per the Daily Dot.

“So much of what keeps people down, makes them feel awful, are these ideas about what good sex is, and it’s a box, a very, very small box. For somebody with a micropenis or their partner, not fitting in that box is very painful."

Instead, she helps her clients focus on what brings them pleasure and to get comfortable with that. McGrath continues:

"There’s humping, there’s grinding, there’s rubbing the penis on the labia or on the side, and then it expands into 'What kind of fun things can we do together?' Look at it as an opportunity to find new things rather than focus on one way of doing it specifically.”

The good news about all of this? You'll get to focus on foreplay like oral sex and other wild sex positions to try and get your girl off. The bad news? Naturally, you'll need to work a little bit harder to get your girl off since you can't through vaginal sex, which is OK. McGrath continues by adding that sex toys should definitely be an option for those with smaller units.

“I think any augmenting toys can be fun. But more importantly, is it comfortable and does it feel good? Are you doing it because you enjoy it or is it because you feel like it makes you more normal?”

The bottom line is this: Whether you have a small, medium or big penis, it's important to focus on alternative ways of getting your partner off, which means lots of kissing, touching and rubbing in the spots that will make them orgasm. Keep your head up, guys!

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