Here's How To Kill Any And All Of Your Sexual Doubts

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Sex is supposed to be fun — lots, in fact — yet people everywhere seem to stress about over a number of things that are sometimes out of their control. From premature ejaculation, to the insecurity of doing something wrong to, no one wants to go into getting down and dirty with a mind full of false expectations.

So how can one relax and just enjoy sex for what it really is? We offer some advice with these tips to kill your sexual doubts.


I know this seems to come up all the time when related to sex advice, but don't you think that's for a reason? Obviously. While we don't suggest you holding an interview session with someone you're about to have sex with, when in a relationship, it's important to talk about your sex life to determine what's working and what's not.

Make Realistic Expectations

We all want to be a porn star in the sack—that's just the way men think—but we also know that there's no way in hell we're having sex for 45 minutes and getting a girl off a bunch of times from a bunch of different positions. Knowing that, don't go into it expecting every sexual experience to be the best of your life, or vice versa. Sometimes, yes, people just don't have sexual chemistry.

Go With What You Know

If you know that your girl doesn't like doggy, don't do doggy. Likewise, if you're a little too quick on the trigger when it comes to reverse cowgirl, here's a shocking suggestion, try a different position. Point is, you don't want to be the guy sitting there thinking about his grandmother's dinner table's chairs to hold back from ejaculating because he rushed into things and skipped foreplay.


Why do I have a feeling that you knew this was coming? Full on penetration is going to cause one and/or (hopefully) both of you to cum. That's a good thing—unless it happens way too fast. That's why foreplay's so damn important to remember, with you focusing on touching, kissing, rubbing, etc. all her right spots to help make it a positive experience for her.

Be Confident

Whether you know this or not, when you go into the bedroom with a negative attitude or worried mind about what's about to happen, chances are higher that you'll actually perform that badly. Your mind will be racing with things to do, think of and/or say, and your mind will use all of that negative energy to produce a total dud. You don't need to waltz in acting like Casanova, but it's critical to stay confident and keep your mind clear.

Have Fun

As mentioned above, the No. 1 thing people forget about sex is that it's supposed to be fun, not stressful. Sure, passion is important, too, but when you go into anything with a clear mind and positive attitude, doesn't it always seem to be more enjoyable? Chances are you're nodding your head yes. Sex is no different, so go ahead and laugh at yourself every once in a while to feel better about your imperfect sex—because no one has perfect sex!