Making Thousands From Your Bank Just Takes Knowing This Tip (According To One Money Saving Expert)

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Ever wonder how you can make/save a little bit more money without, you know, actually being responsible and sacrifice going out to enjoy the good times with your buddies? Turns out Martin Lewis, the founder of the website Money Saving Expert, has a tip on how to do just that.

Lewis wrote a column on his site about various strategies to save some dough, but one that he mentioned often goes overlooked is a little secret many of us wouldn't think of—become a serial bank-account switcher, which can save you nearly $2,000.

Here's what Lewis had to say, via Unilad

"The fierce competition in the banking market means some bribe you to switch. As often these are best-buys anyway, take it and smile. Some pay quicker than others."

"I did a Twitter poll and 83% who’ve switched since 7-day switching launched in 2013 said it’s no hassle. They simply close your old account, move direct debits & standing orders and auto-forward payments."

So while the advice might become a pain in the ass since you're left switching banks a couple times per year, if it saves you a couple grand in the process, is it really that inconvenient? Probably not.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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