Here's How To Screenshot A Snapchat Without The Sender Knowing

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Whenever I receive something on Snapchat, my mind instantly thinks that, for some reason, I'll be opening up a picture or video of something tremendously hot, making me fully prepared to screenshot it and save it for later. Of course, it ends up being the brunch sandwich of the person who sent it, but still, that's not too bad to keep for later, either.

Problem is, whether it's a nude or a delicious breakfast sandwich, taking a screenshot on Snapchat is never hidden, as the sender receives a notification that the receiver did so. Well, we can help you out with that, because there's a simple trick that doesn't reveal such a thing, per Mirror.

First you need to open the Snapchat app, so the unopened message is visible in the inbox on your screen. Then you need to put your device onto Airplane Mode, without closing the app.

On an iPhone you can do this by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to pull up the menu, and then tapping the airplane icon. On an Android phone you need to swipe down from to top of the screen.

Once Airplane Mode is activated, return to the Snapchat app. The message should still be available to open, despite you not being connected to the internet.

Once you've taken a screenshot of the picture, close the app and make sure it isn't running in the background.

iOS users should double click the home button and swipe the app to close it, and Android users should access the multitasking window and close it from there.

When you de-activate Airplane Mode and re-open the Snapchat app, the message will appear unopened, and the fact that you have taken a screenshot with remain a secret.

And, just like that, every single thing you receive on Snapchat can be saved without anyone else besides you knowing. Just remember that you shouldn't go bragging about it to your friends—otherwise, your secret's out and everyone will know about your sneaky ways.

Lead Image via Snapchat


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