Here's How To Use Household Products To Prevent Steamy Car Windows During The Winter

Image via YouTube

Walking into a cold car during the winter is one of the worst things that life has ever forced us all to deal with. Not only does it make your car feel like an icebox that doesn't give you a break from the cold outdoors, but, in some cases, it's actually worse inside than it is in the blistery conditions you just tried to escape.

And just when you thought driving your car was your ticket to warmth, something else happens that makes the experience even more miserable—steamy windows, making it nearly impossible to drive.

Don't fret, though, because we have some suggestions that can help eliminate that feeling of low visibility due to steam on the inside, with this simple video showing you how you can be steam-free so you can tackled the roads without fear.


Road conditions can already be poor due to snow and/or ice, so don't make it more difficult on yourself by being the person who needs to continuously wipe condensation from windows to just peak through.

Take back the road—and your car—by using these tricks.

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